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Supporting Female Coaches

Epic Medals are passionate about sport and equality. We believe the biggest leaps forward will be made by supporting female coaches to make their mark.

When a sport commits to order their medals through us we will work with you to provide direct investment and support to a talented female coach.

Please get in touch: sally@epicmedals.com

Meet the Team

Heather Weekes

Meet Heather. Whilst she can design pretty much anything you ask for she has a special talent for taking your logo, pulling elements of it apart and putting it back together with a creative twist. When not designing Heather can be found hanging out with her two gorgeous kids and planning her next adventurous holiday (that may involve a wakeboard!)

Sally Jarvis

Meet Sal, lover of sport and making sure you get what you asked for. Sal loves seeing the excitement of people receiving a medal and will sometimes be found working behind the scenes on a sports event. When not working on medals or events Sal is looking for a treehouse by a remote beach to write kids stories.

Our Story

Epic Medals was born out of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games after a challenge was thrown down between Olympic Breaststroke legend Brenton Rickard to race solo against the entire organisation. Brenton had to continuously swim 1500m whilst his colleagues swam 50m each. Brenton won and has the bling he received for his efforts still in pride of place next to his (slightly more prestigious) Olympic, Commonwealth, and World Champs medals

The team involved were hooked on creating medals and later led the delivery of the Gold Coast 2018 medal ceremonies program. Post these Games and after multiple visits to meet manufacturing partners, testing and designing, the Epic Medals team have loved creating stunning medals for sports, events, clubs and schools.